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Creating America’s best robocall blocker.

We’ve been a part of the original team that created RoboKiller, America’s best robocall blocker app. Through creative direction, product strategy and design, we’ve supported the RoboKiller team in growing from 0 to 1,000,000 paid active users in just under two years and helped millions of Americans in their battle against spam calls.

In 2018, Robokiller was acquired by InterActiveCorp.

From idea to acquisition in 14 months.

In June 2016, we had an idea to build a desktop client for Trello, the work and life management tool. A month later, the app was out in the Mac App Store. 

After one year, 10,000 purchases and a rating of 4.5 stars, Paws for Trello was acquired by Trello and is now its official desktop client. The product was later featured in the App Store and the Windows version was a finalist for Microsoft Build 2018. The app is currently used by 1,5 million people worldwide.

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